How to start Free WordPress Blog without Paid Domain Name

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Have you thought about starting your website/blogs but you don’t have money to get a domain name and hosting? Would you believe me if i told you that wasn’t an obstacle? You can start with a free blogging on wordpress

The best thing about blogging is that you can start with zero fund at your disposal. You would be making use of an internet enabled device online (I know you have access to that… 😉)

but first, let tell you what free blogging is on wordpress

How To blog for Free on

Free blogging: Free blogging is a type of blogging where your website(blog) is not hosted on your own paid web-host but a free and general web-host e,g or Blogger. You are still in charge of your website but you don’t have to worry about the hosting.

Why WordPress? powers about 36% of the world’s website. Using their free web-hosting you gain access to free resources to grow your website. It is easier to upgrade your website(blog) from a free plan to a paid one whenever you are ready.

Starting out free WordPress blogging

On starting out, google search for ‘’ and click on the link that has details of free blog. This takes you to their homepage

wordpress on searchbar

Create account & Domain Name:

From here click on create website. You will be required to choose a theme (choose your preferred one) and your domain name(name of your blog e.g hownah).

free wordpress blogging for hownah

Next,you will have to choose your plan. Pick the Free plan the one ending with ‘’ because that is the free plan, then continue to choose your plan. Create an account (with your email and password), don’t forget to verify your email – you can always check your email for that.

Let Customize:

Automatically, you will be directed to your dashboard to edit your blog, Login into dashboard: At this point your blog and account has been created. Login into your dashboard and begin customizing.

The following are necessary for you to change:

  • Theme
  • Header
  • Site Title
  • Tagline
  • Logo.

Make your first post.

You can also create pages

e.g Home, About page, Privacy policy, contact page


What Next?

Conclusion & Tips+

Be unique about your blog, post often with relevant contents.

Follow the learning fundamentals through your email, it will really guide you if you are new to blogging.

You can also get free resources from University of blogging by The Daily Post.

Finally,explore don’t stop learning



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