How To Identify Fake USB Devices/Cords

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Usb cord

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is considered a very simple and flexible way of connection between personal computer and other electronic devices. However,USB can malfunction if you are not using the quality type. There will

always be partial contact when using fake USB, thereby delaying your job which is very annoying.
Today, i want to share with you, a very simple way of identifying a fake USB. Its as simple as ABC. Get your USB, check the two holes that reveals the bus/contact. If the conductor there is Golden colour, it means its copper which is original. Copper has high conductivity than aluminium, copper also has relatively high tensile strength (the greatest stress a substance can bear without tearing apart).
Now to identify a fake USB, check the two holes again, if its silver colour, it means its aluminum, which is fake. Although aluminum has only about 60 percent of the conductivity of copper, but the tensile strength is very low( which tears apart when subjected to stress) Which makes your USB to to fluctuate. If you are using this type of USB, you will be experiencing partial contact. Most universal modems in Nigeria market today are made with this aluminum contact, because aluminium is cheaper than copper, and the manufacturers/ importers make more money from such.
The photo below clearly shows the two holes that reveals the bus/contact. The bus used for the USB is made with copper, that is why its golden in colour.

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