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How to best Simplify, Organise and Enjoy January

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After all the jollification and parambulation during the holidays, comes the 100 days of January. Well that’s what it feels like 100 days! It’s no secret that January is the longest month, ever. Whether this is because salaries get paid earlier in December and you have to wait longer for our next pay day, or because of the abrupt cool down after the festivities, January can seem long.


As much as we are basking in the euphoria of Christmas, corporate, as well as, social events, concerts and everything in-between, it’s imperative to plan finances for the month ahead. Planning ahead will protect you from facing the fury of ‘brokenness’ in January. It will also save you from drinking garri to survive!

#1 Get 10 minutes to yourself
Allow yourself 10 minutes with a cup of something warm and read a chapter of a book or listen to a motivational or interesting podcast. Don’t try to do anything else (now’s not a time for multi-tasking), just focus on you.

#2 Set yourself some goals
Set yourself some goals for the coming year. They don’t have to be complicated or difficult. Baby steps towards bigger goals are just fine. Be ambitious but realistic and remember to be intentional about your goals – choose ones that really mean something. Write them down and hold yourself accountable to achieving them in a specific timescale.

#3 Best memories from last year
Think back over the high points of last year and see if you can find ways to repeat them or do something similar again. If you really enjoyed doing something, do it again! Ask your family what their best memories were and try to recreate them.

#4 Go out with a friend
Invite a friend out for post-Christmas drinks, coffee and cake or lunch. Catch up on news, have a laugh, remember how important friendships can be and that we don’t always put enough time or Energy into them


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