How To Best Dress/Gear up for Basketball

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In every sport, there is a specific gear that one should wear so that you can properly play that sport. For instance, you cannot play basketball if are wearing a gear for hockey, football or baseball. In basketball, the gear will not make you the next Michael Jordan, nor will it help you be the Most Valuable Player but wearing the appropriate gear will allow you to play safely and properly.

The right basketball gear that you should wear are the following: basketball jersey, basketball shorts, socks and a pair of basketball shoes. To gear up for basketball you should do the following:

1. Wear a basketball jersey

An ideal basketball jersey is sleeveless and is made up of polyester, cotton, acrylic and nylon fabric. It can be of one fabric or any combination of the four fabrics. You can wear a round neck or v-neck jersey. You may also choose from a lot of brand names- Nike, Adidas, And1, Reebok, Converse, etc. You could also wear a replica jersey of a favorite player or a favorite team. Choose a jersey that fits you rightly. Do not choose a loose jersey because you might get hurt if your opponent advertently or inadvertently pulls your jersey.

2. Wear basketball shorts

A good pair of basketball shorts is also made of the fabrics that make up the basketball jersey. You should wear one that is knee length. Wearing long and loose basketball shorts may get in the way and restrict your movement. A tight one might be too revealing and may easily be torn. Wearing one that is too short will make you the butt of jokes of the other players.

3. Wear socks

Wearing socks is not just for good hygiene but it is also to protect your feet from injuries. You wouldn’t want athlete’s foot or blisters, right? Wearing socks will also allow good traction of the feet. The ideal length is just above the ankles but some players wear socks up to the knees. Some leagues are strict in enforcing the proper uniform, scrutinizing even the length and color of the socks. To be safe, you should wear white socks just above the ankles.

4. Wear a pair of basketball shoes

Your shoes must be made up of rubber. As with basketball jerseys, there are lots of brands of rubber shoes to choose from. Wear one that fits your feet. You should chose a size which is an inch or less bigger than your feet to allow space for your socks. This will also promote good blood circulation and good foot movement. Pick a shoe that has enough cushioning for your jumping, running and pivoting moves in basketball. Choose whatever design and shoe cut you want. Big people usually choose high cut basketball shoes while small players prefer low cut shoes to allow mobility and faster sprints.

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